November 2015

Hard to believe that it has been 8 months since being diagnosed with Diabetes.  It has been a tough ride, but I’m glad to have my A1C in check and on the right path with my blood sugar levels.  All things considered I’m glad I was diagnosed when I was as it could have only have gotten much worse.

I’ve got plenty to do still.  I am still averaging blood glucose checks 4 times a day, and my numbers are showing that my A1C should be at or below 6.0 on average.  Pizza is my true arch nemesis however.  I need to resist the urge of ordering one up when I am busy or just plain being lazy.

So with all things considered I am going to use November to get back into a schedule of things.  Ultimately that is what helps the best with having Diabetes I think.  Keeping things to normal times so it easy to predict and regulate what is going on with my blood sugar.

It just so happens that November is also when a ton of stuff is going on in Pensacola.  Here are some pics of things from Pensacola so far this month.

Joseph Sollner Remembrance Wall

Remembrance wall in Pensacola

Joseph Sollner Remembrance wall First City Arts Center

Remembrance wall in Pensacola

Joseph Sollner Pipe Laying Ship Pensacola

Pipe Laying Ship

Joseph Sollner Tall Ship Pensacola Port

Tall ship in Pensacola

Joseph Sollner tall ship pensacola masts

Masts of the tall ship in Pensacola

Joseph Sollner Pensacola Tall Ship Flag

Tall ship at Port of Pensacola

Joseph Sollner ships in port Pensacola

Ships in port.

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