Metering Madness

My Glooko MeterSync Blue came last Friday.  This thing is an awesome tool for managing my blood sugar levels.  I no longer have to manually write my levels down after testing, then manually put them into a spreadsheet.

My meter stored all my test data that I have run so far since leaving the hospital.  I was able to sync that data to Glooko and was instantly able to see a statistical analysis of my tests.  Right away I was able to see that I need to better balance my dinners.  My blood sugar has the widest variance after dinner.

I’m also able to produce reports, including a log book, at the click of a mouse.  I can email these off to my doctor, or print a copy to bring with me for any appointments.  If you are diabetic and test your blood sugar frequently I suggest you check out Glooko.  All you need is a smartphone and a compatible blood glucose meter to use their MeterSync Blue.

Here are some pics of my stats.  You can see how my numbers are the widest range before bedtime.  This means adjusting my dinners to be more inline with the 4 4 4 4 meal standard.

Joseph Sollner 30 Day BGL Graph
Past 30 day statistical graph.
Joseph Sollner Past 90 day daily graph.
Past 90 day daily graph.
Joseph Sollner Past 90 day time of day graph
Past 90 day time of day graph.