I Can See Clearly Now

My visit yesterday to the eye doctor’s office went much better than expected.  It all started off with a ride to the office using Uber.  Crazy that Pensacola has Uber, but I’m glad it does.  I paid about five bucks less than what a cab would have cost, and I rode in a nice Lexus to the doctor’s office.

Once there they ran a whole bunch of tests.  I ended up waiting awhile after the tests for the eye doctor.  He had to perform an emergency surgery.  He was able to save someone’s eyesight,  so I didn’t mind waiting a few extra minutes.  He came in to see me in due time, and gave me the good news.  My eyes didn’t show any sign of diabetic damage, and even better, I don’t need glasses at all.

The doctor actually mentioned that as my blood sugar normalizes and stays low that my vision would improve a bit.  He said that basically with high blood sugar the inside of your eyes can coat with sugar causing your vision to become blurry at times and cause near-sightedness.  This made perfect sense as I noticed it was hard for me to view things at a distance for a bit, but I don’t have that issue anymore.

Once done I took another Uber ride home.  The driver was interesting to talk to.  He spoke a couple of languages and did translator work for the Department of Defense from time to time.  He dropped me off at home and I celebrated my good eye diagnosis with a slice of pizza.  (My eye doctor told me to live a little, so I had some pizza.)

Here is a picture of Sally trying to hide from me.  I could see her clearly!

Joseph Sollner finds Sally trying to hide
Sally Stains Corgi trying to hide.