Diabetes Management Via a Social App, I’ll Bite!

In the middle of last month I started to use an application on my iPhone called One Drop.  I’ve really like using this app to help track my diabetes management alongside the Glooko app and device I already use.  The app is very handy and unique in many ways.

The One Drop app is a manual entry app.  This means there is no automation in terms of downloading data from a blood glucose meter or insulin pump.  However, the interface is by far the best one out there for manual entry of data.  Simply either swipe the circle until you get to the number you are entering, or you can type it in via keyboard.  You can enter in data for your blood glucose level, your physical activity, your carb intake, and you insulin intake.  The food intake is a bit different than the others as you take a picture of your food and assign it a carb level value, low, medium, or high.

The most interesting feature of One Drop is the social aspect of it.  Your input is viewable by others, and their input is viewable by you.  This is neat as you can see how you are doing comparatively against others with diabetes.   You can also cheer people on by liking their numbers and placing motivational stickers to their posts.  At first it seams a bit annoying, but after awhile it is really nice to get recognition for sticking with your plan and having good numbers.  You can also look at a map of glucose reading posts and see how you are doing against others in your local area.  Unfortunately I’m the only one in my town using the app, but I can see that others are using it nearby towns.

So if you have diabetes and are looking for a neat way to track your numbers give One Drop a try.  It is easy to use and neatly visualizes your journey with diabetes.

Here are some screen shots from the app.

One Drop History Example - Joseph Sollner
This screen neatly visualizes my past few days by looking at one of my posts. Pink represents blood glucose checks, orange represents physical activity, green represents carb intake, and blue represents insulin intake.
Joseph Sollner One Drop Data Entry
This shot shows the 4 buttons you press at the bottom to enter in data, Check, Meds, Food, and Move.
Joseph Sollner One Drop Data Entry
Here you see a screen for entering your blood glucose level. You enter the number by simply moving the white circle around the pink circle until the number in the center matches your reading.
One Drop carb intake example
An example of a carb intake record.
Joseph Sollner One Drop Personal History Screen
This screen shows your personal history. It shows the standard variance in your blood glucose readings as well has hyper and hypo glycemic moments. It also tracks the percentage of insulin you are taking that is bolus (fast acting) and basal (baseline). You can watch your progress or catch yourself slipping by looking at this screen.
Joseph Sollner One Drop High Blood Glucose Screen
A screen that quickly shows all of you high blood glucose moments. Very handy to identify foods that might be causing your hyperglycemic moments.
Joseph Sollner One Drop Low Glucose Moments Screen
This screen shows your lowest blood glucose moments in comparison to the insulin you log. Very handy to help adjust insulin intake in the event of hypoglycemic moments.