A New Milestone

Today I was able to skip taking one of my medications.  With diabetes comes a few other complications normally.  I had to start taking medication for high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol along with my diabetes formulary.  All in all I have approximately 12 daily tasks related to medication and testing.  Well today I can take that number down to 11.

My blood pressure over the past few days has remained at or below 120/80.  In some cases it actually was flirting with being too low!  So starting today I have stopped taking my prescribed medication for high blood pressure, Lisinopril.  Now this doesn’t mean I’m not checking my blood pressure daily.  I’ll be keeping a very close eye over the next few days to see if I see an increase in blood pressure at all.  I actually have an app that tracks my pressure records for me and creates reports on the fly.

This is good news for sure.  It points to things actually paying off finally.  This combined with me very rarely needing any bolus insulin shots are very welcomed events.  Next up I need to better track my carb intake and physical activity.  I currently average around 2.5 miles a day of walking around, and that is all tracked via Fitbit, but I need to track working out as well.

Here is picture of me receiving an award for work.  One less medication is just as good as an award!

Joseph Sollner CTB Award
Winning one of my three CTB awards.