My official A1C test results came it at 6.0 on the nose.  Just got back from my quarterly visit with my primary physician and all of my numbers looked good.  He said I should be very pleased with my numbers and I am.  I plan on spending the next quarter working on getting my A1C number below 6.0.

It has been a long road the past 6 months, but worth it.  I have halved my A1C from its peak of 13.1 while hospitalized to 6.0.  I understand what my body is telling me more than ever, and I know how to handle hypo and hyper glycemic moments as they happen.  Luckily,  I have few such moments these days.

A lot of hard work has gone into getting my numbers in order.  First, I stick to a strict diet and have eliminated all sugary drinks and alcohol.  Second, I make sure at least 3 days each week have over 60 minutes of physical activity of at least a medium effort.  Finally, i take my medication as prescribed and check my blood glucose level 4 times a day.

So here’s to 6.0 and lower going forward, and to having less reliance on medication and insulin to keep my blood sugar in check!  Here are a few pictures from a stop on made in Yosemite last year while headed to San Francisco.

Joseph Sollner - Yosemite 1 Joseph Sollner - Yosemite 2 Joseph Sollner - Yosemite 3 Joseph Sollner - Yosemite 4 Joseph Sollner - Yosemite 5 Joseph Sollner - Yosemite 9 Joseph Sollner - Yosemite 10 Joseph Sollner - Yosemite 12 Joseph Sollner - Yosemite 13