Low Blood Pressure

So yesterday I started to feel very strange with a whole host of issues happening at once.  I checked my blood sugar and it was fine.  Next I checked my blood pressure and was surprised to find it at 88/40.   This is very low compared to the normal of 120/80.

I went in to see my primary care doctor and he confirmed the low blood pressure.  After walking around I was able to get the pressure back up to a normal level and have been able to maintain it since. I’ve never felt the mix of symptoms created by low blood pressure, and it wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences.

I’ll be checking my blood pressure now when checking my blood sugar.  I think the following warning sign picture I took in New Mexico is appropriate.

Joseph Sollner +joseph +sollner Snake warning sign
Beware of snakes!


So yesterday I walked over 3 miles.  Not much by some standards, but a good distance as a start.  I’ve been getting my strength back and was really able to have a good day yesterday.  I didn’t feel any pain and didn’t feel any of the odd side effects of the insulin or medicine I am on.

I’m also using a Fitbit to track my activity.  This will help when I have visits with my primary doctor.  Also it’ll motivate me to do more down the road.  Our scale in the house is even tied into the tracking system, making it easy to get data to my doctors.

The good news is I feel more and more back to myself as each day passes.  Perhaps soon I can go on a MINI run with the club.

Here is a picture from a previous MINI run.

Joseph Sollner MINI ice cream run. +joseph +sollner
Mini ice cream run.

Random Issues

So I’ve managed to battle an ear infection and some sort of infection in my neck since being diagnosed.  The ear infection cleared up quickly with antibiotics, but the neck infection is taking a bit longer.

I almost think this is my body tackling issues it has had for awhile now that it isn’t trying to fight the sugar issue.  Being the fourth week in now I do notice a difference overall in the way I feel.  I do how ever require a coffee every now and then.

Since I’ve got the blood sugar under control by the horns I figured this picture of a MINI with bull horns would be appropriate.

joseph sollner +joseph +sollner MINI Bull Horns
A MINI with bull horns on the grill.


I’ve always been a big fan of pasta.  That of course has changed since being diagnosed with diabetes.  Today I’m going to go ahead and try 2 ounces of whole wheat pasta.  The carb level is low enough to be close to my 4 4 4 4 plan at that amount.  It will be interesting to test my blood glucose level after eating it.  Hopefully it stays within acceptable limits, as I do like an occasional pasta meal.

Here is a pic from my drive out to MTTS 2014 passing by the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Joseph Sollner +joseph +sollner MTTS2014
Driving by the Sierra Nevada mountain range


Blood Sugar Under Control

I’m fairly certain that my blood sugar is under good control now.  I had a spike of 206 yesterday after lunch.  That is highest it has been for a week or so.  Good news is I’m not having to take 5 shots of insulin a day on my sliding scale.  The most I have had to do is 2 a day.  I’m still taking Metformin twice a day.  I’m sticking to my meal plan, and haven’t touched fast food at all.  My goal is to hopefully get off insulin completely, but I really need to ramp up the exercise to do so.

Here are some pics of me in Alaska a couple of years back.

joseph sollner +joseph +sollner Alaska
Me in Alaska
joseph sollner +joseph +sollner Alaska
Me in a small fishing village in Alaska.
joseph sollner +joseph +sollner Alaska
Looking out over the bay at glaciers in Alaska
joseph sollner +joseph +sollner Alaska
Dog blocking my path. He wanted a treat.
joseph sollner +joseph +sollner Alaska
Part of my sled dog team in Alaska.

Blood Pressure

As a result of my diabetes I also had some high blood pressure issues.  I am happy to say that with the big diet changes and with the help of medication my blood pressure is under control.  I was actually able to take myself off the medication for a couple of days as my blood pressure was low enough naturally.  Each day I branch out and learn new things to keep myself healthy moving forward.  It is always nice to have a win.

Here is a fitting picture of 118 degrees while driving out West last summer.  Fitting since that is close to the optimal 120 Systolic number.

joseph sollner driving hot west
Driving out West, it is hot outside!

Time to Start Working Out

Now that the meals are planned and my medicine is working well it is time to start working out.  I’ve started with low impact things like raking the yard and washing the car.  I’ve also taken on most of the chores in the house.  Eventually I’ll need to start doing more.  My wife has a rebounder by Belicon that I plan to start using.  I might look like a fool using it, but it is a good cardio workout.  Also my dogs could use more walking, so that is going to start tomorrow.

Here is a pic of my playing pool last summer in Dallas, TX during MTTS2014:

joseph+sollner+pool joseph sollner playing pool in Texas
Playing pool in Dallas, TX

Tough Night

While my blood sugar remained low enough today that I only needed to take my evening insulin shot I had to authorize surgery on my dog Kodiak.  He was having stomach issues all day today and required surgery.  He came out of surgery ok but he isn’t out of the woods yet.  Kodiak was a rescue that had some issues with seizures, but he was really coming into his own the past couple of months.  I’m really hoping he comes out of this ok and stronger than ever.

Here is a pic of him, such a sweet boy.

joseph sollner joe kodiak
My Kodiak!

Under 100!

For the first time since being diagnosed I was able to get my blood glucose level below 100!  I contribute this to the medicine and insulin shots, but mostly to eating right.  At this point I don’t even miss the fast food and the junk food.  I am even enjoying cooking a lot more.  As time progresses, and I get over an ear infection I picked up last week,, I plan to introduce exercise back into the mix.  My ultimate goal is to get off the insulin shots.

Here is a pic from a San Francisco trip a couple of years back.  Blue sky’s for a blood sugar milestone in my diabetes journey.

Joseph Sollner on the Golden Gate
Crossing the Golden Gate

Close to Under 100!

I was able to get my resting blood glucose level to 101 last night.  Officially 3 week in and the insulin and medicine are working their magic.  Also it helps that I have stuck to a meal plan.  Believe it or not I haven’t had a pepsi or coke at all since coming home.  I was planing on taking the dogs to the dog park today, but it is raining outside.  I’ll have to save that adventure for later this week.

Sally is still all smiles even though no park today.

Sally Stains Corgi with Joseph Sollner
Sally says hello!