2 Weeks Away from Next Assessment

In two weeks I go in for my next medical assessment.  Should be interesting to go over the results of 60 days of medication, insulin shots, improved diet, and evolving exercise.  I really do like my primary care physician, and it helps that he specializes in diabetic care.  After this assessment I go in every 3 months to adjust medication and insulin shots as needed.

Things at this point are starting to become habit.  I’ll hopefully be able to get off the Humalog shots entirely, and just have a once a day Levemir shot.  It is my goal to also get off of the Levemir shots, but I know that realistically insulin shots are going to be a part of my future long term.

My next semester of school starts as well in two weeks.  Only 2 industry certifications in the new semester, and a bunch of papers to write.  The two following semesters are packed with MSCE certification classes.  Then just a capstone project and I’m done with school and recertification.

In honor of SpaceX’s almost successful landing of the Falcon 9 primary stage, here is a T-Shirt I got from them.

Joseph Sollner Falcon Heavy SpaceX T-Shirt
Falcon heavy T-Shirt